Reflection, Inscription, and Identity: Mapping the phenomenon of inscription and internal reflection from the diary form to the blog.


The following dissertation is an exploration of the role of inscription and identity, specifically that of Heidegger’s concept of Being.  Utilising concepts such as symbolic destruction and cultural disassociation, reflection, and dasein I establish a firm ground of what I believe to be at the heart of the human condition before delving deeper into the relationship such a condition has with different forms of writing and with the infusion of technology at a fundamental level of one’s self perception.  First assessing how earlier, manual writing forms convey the self I challenge preconceptions of authenticity and of the nature of privacy; once this is done I move on to discuss later digital inscription which has no guise of secrecy at all.  This permits me to once again question ideas of authenticity and of privacy, coming to the conclusion that nothing is lost so much as is cut away in the interest of development and of the fulfilment of Heidegger’s concept of dasein.

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About danloach12

I am a 22 year old graduate living just outside of Birmingham, England. I have a lot to say for myself. So here it is.
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